Whether you are looking to lose a few kilos or a specific amount, Lite Health and its staff will support you throughout the entire process. The revolutionary program has been assisting many with achieving their weight loss goals in a way that gets the brain working with the individual, rather than against it during every step of the process. Lite Health’s simple yet advanced system promotes a safe, natural approach to weight loss based on eating real food.

Our weight loss program and plan is one that promotes ‘life without limits’. We understand that for many, perhaps most people, weight loss has been a real struggle; in response, we have created the Lite Health program that has been changing the lives of many people. Unlike other programs that focus on suppressing the appetite and limiting food intake, we coach you on what foods to eat that will optimize nutrition intake and promotes fat burning, while restricting foods that traditionally migrate into fat.

The amount of weight an individual loses can be influenced by specific variables such as age, gender, starting weight and how strictly the program is followed. Advanced supplementation complements nutrition while acting as a catalyst for reaching your goal weight. Lite Health’s step-by-step process ensures positive results – and keeping them there. Further, the program builds a lifestyle around good, healthy eating habits, providing the tools needed without surgery, prescription drugs, hormones, exercise or food to be purchased.

Unlike most diets or so-called “12-week programs,” Lite Health is about healthier eating and healthier habits throughout life. Weight loss, increased energy and increased health all come down to what we put in our mouths. To that end this involves eating real whole foods and not “diet” foods so that the benefits of weight loss can be transparently experienced.

As Lite Health sees it, the benefits of weight loss encompass balancing of the nervous system, decrease in blood pressure, general relaxation, improved sleep habits and patterns, improved circulation, increased flexibility, increased muscle tone, improved self-esteem, reduced muscular pain, removal of toxins, reduced recovery time and reduced stress.

This revolutionary program teaches optimisation of nutrition intake via advanced supplementation that complements diet and acts as catalyst for reaching goal weight.

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