How long will it take?

This is a very individual answer and depends on

      1. How long you have had the problem
      2. How bad is it
      3. How much damage has occurred.
      4. How quickly you personally heal.
      5. But following are some guidelines…

Your results will come in 5 stages of care;

1st, when you are super acute, we will provide daily care until the edge has been taken off. This is a few days for most of my patients

2nd we undergo an intensive stage of relief care, designed to get you moving better and feeling better ASAP. For many people this could be as little as a couple of weeks to a couple of months. It really depends on how well you heal.

3rd we enter a Reconditioning phase. This is similar to getting fit at the gym or putting braces on your teeth. If you were fairly fit before going to the gym, it won’t take long. Kids most times can skip this stage as they often haven’t had trouble for a long time. However, if you are badly out of shape, it may take months or even years.

4th is a stabilization phase. This stage begins when your test results are returned to normal values and our work is then to stabilize the spinal system. This is to ensure there is no going backwards as we reduce your care. If there is permanent damage in your spine then you will be placed on supportive care. This care is defined as care that is clinically required to avoid deterioration in your condition. This is only a small percentage of people.

It is inspiring to see a young baby smile when I remove the pressure from their tiny spinal system. Preserving health as nature intended gives me the most joy and satisfaction.

How much will it cost?

Your first appointment is $75. This includes all of the required tests and x-rays (if required). Your subsequent visit is at a fee of $75. At your third visit the most cost effective forms of payment are discussed. Standard fees are based around a fee of $50.

Health Vs Symptoms

Being healthy is not just about the way you feel. To most people, being healthy is measured by absence of symptoms and disease. In fact there is more to being healthy!

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