Our Team

neeshaNeesha Kitto

I love being part of a wellness team because I have the privilege in seeing the positive benefits that chiropractic has on our patients. The clinic is always full of positive energy which I thrive on and it is great feeling to know that I am part of a team dedicated to improving the quality of our patients’ health.

When I am not at Goodwood Chiropractic I enjoy keeping active with exercise and running after my 8 year old daughter Taya and our newest addition to the family Poppy.

Steph 2015Stephanie Florance

Being a part of the team at Goodwood Chiropractic has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. Seeing patients heal and thrive around me on a day  to day basis is such a positive experience. Chiropractic has had a huge impact on my life and I enjoy sharing that with patients.

When I’m not at Goodwood Chiropractic, you can find me in the gym keeping fit and healthy with strength training and conditioning, spending time with my loved ones and indulging with some meditation and massage.